New Braided Hairstyles for Men

Nowadays braids are available for men too! It is not necessary to wear the same bun all the time when you can rock various braided hairstyles. Braids on men hair grab too much attention; so get ready for lots of attention and comments. Braids are so versatile- you can go either for fishtail, or a simple one, in all cases you will have a modern and stylish look. However the type of the braid depends on your hair length. Below I have collected some braided hairstyles for different hair lengths to inspire you and give you a new idea on how to style your long tresses.New Braided Hairstyles for MenMale Braid with Short Sides

Hairstyles with short sides are a hot thing right now! If you have longer tresses on the crown of your head, consider this braided hairstyle for men. Well, obviously the hair doesn’t have enough length for a tight braid, but loose one also looks creative and provides with lots of texture. You can secure your braid with a simple elastic band. However consider using some hair products to keep your braid in the place.Male Braid with Short SidesBlonde Cornrow Braid

Whether it is surprising for you or not, but blonde shade looks incredible on black men. It goes without saying that hairstyles created on blonde hair will have a sophisticated appearance and these cornrows are not an exception too. The locks have been skillfully braided to show off the beauty of the designs. To replicate this style you will need to find a good stylist.Blonde Cornrow BraidTwo –Tone Braids with Short Sides

Everyone will admit that this look is simply adorable. Double braids and short sides will help you to create an incredible hairstyle. To replicate this particular design you will need to braid your hair and create a small bun at the back of the head. Apart from styling the hair also sports blonde highlights. All details have been combined to create an edgy and unique look.Two Tone Braids with Short SidesBraided Bun

Flat braids are fantastic both for boys and men. This is a style that doesn’t need to be touched up frequently. This style may last more than a week. Well, it is all about braids, if you are good braiding you will easily achieve this particular style. The front has been cornrow braided and gathered into a high men bun. You can wear this style in formal settings too.Braided BunSimple Side Braid

Who said men’s braids have to be complicated? This is a simple side braid that requires lots of length. This side braid is great to pair with your casual outfits. You can rock it either on your natural color or experiment with other shades. To enhance the look, simply taper the sides.Simple Side Braid

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