Spiked Up Hairstyles for Men

Whether you are fond of spiky hairdos or not, you need to check out these gorgeous hairstyles, since you may find your next makeover inspiration among these models. Spiky designs are not new but they are evolving day by day, and I should mention that they look even better with modern twists. Some men prefer to spice up their spiky hairstyle with vibrant shades. If you have intention to steal the spotlight then pastel hues will definitely come in handy.  Spiked Up Hairstyles for MenMetallic Violet Bangs

Have you ever thought of wearing vibrant pastel shades like many ladies out there? If no, then you should consider since pastels work well for men too. Violet is a unique shade that is enough to convince you to try out this headdress. It requires keeping some thick and textured bangs on the top of the head and giving the sides a smooth taper. By the way, to replicate this look you will need to find a skilful hairstylist.  Metallic Violet BangsSexy Spikes

Spiky hairstyle has already managed to gain popularity among celebrities and sportsmen. Here a handsome football player David Beckham wears a cool hairstyle that requires chopping the strands short to form small spikes at the top and a simple quiff. If you want to replicate it you will need to upgrade it with a simple fade on the sides and back.Sexy SpikesBlonde Spikes

Color really matters a lot and it can drastically change the appearance of your hairstyle. This particular spiky hairstyle has golden blonde strands and a nice fade on the sides. Well, as you see it is a simple cut but it gets a sophisticated touch due to a rich hair color like blonde. However brunettes will need to go for some bleaching sessions to achieve light locks like this model. Blonde SpikesNatural Spikes

This man features all trendy guys out there. He proves that even with your natural texture you can gain a trendy headdress. You don’t have to use hair products to have spikes like this since it is all about a right cut. Well, to have a design like this you will need to ask your hairstylist for faded sides. Then sweep the hair on the top in different directions to have a spiky-like design.Natural SpikesFunky Spikes with Razor Line

This hairstyle is a result of the stylist’s creativity. You also want to have something like this? Well, then you have to show this picture to your barber. However it requires creating some thick spikes to give it a funky look. Apart from this, it also involves a razor line on the side and a bald fade. Well, if you wear this headdress, you can be sure that people will take a second glance to your hairstyle.Funky Spikes with Razor Line

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