Amazing Sock Bun Hairstyles to Try Now

Bun hairstyles stand out with their versatility. Buns are practical and can be worn both casually and formally. Some women prefer carefully styled buns while others love the effortless version of these updos. Sock buns are striking as they add a tremendous thickness and shape. Sock bun hairstyles are great for everyone regardless of whether you have thick or thin hair texture. Here we have selected some sock bun hairstyles that you can try even right now. However, some of these updos are possible to create even without a sock but this little element has a power to boost your hair volume. Now go on reading to see more!Amazing Sock Bun Hairstyles to Try NowSide Braid with Bun

If you have thin and short hair, it will be hard for you to manage a hairstyle that combines braids and buns together. In such cases a simple sock comes in handy as it transforms thin and plain locks into a lovely headdress with texture and volume. We highly recommend avoid making your bun too perfect because messier look is obviously better.Side Braid with BunLovely Donut Bun

This classic donut bun is very easy to create. The key to this donut shape bun is the sock. The bun has some stunning mini braids that add an interesting touch to the style. If you have noticed there are lots of flyaway strands that give it a natural appeal. It is an excellent headdress to match with your causal or formal outfit.

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