Bun Hairstyles with Upside-Down Braids

Nowadays, styling your locks in braids is quite common. Braids are popular because of their brilliance in versatility. Indeed, they come in countless shades and shapes but today we are going to focus on bun hairstyles with upside-down braids. It is another easy way of keeping your locks out of your neck. These hairstyles are the most requested ones in summer. The advantage of wearing a bun with upside-down braid is that it looks absolutely amazing on 2nd or 3rd day hair as well. When it comes to creating the braid, you need to begin right from the nape of your neck. Check these upscale bun hairstyles and find your ultimate inspiration among these cute pictures.braided updosUpside-Down Braid and Messy Bun

This upside down chunky braid will make your day. Luckily, it is not a complicated style so you can get it within minutes. Start with a bulky Dutch braid and turn it into a messed-up bun. If you have naturally straight hair, make sure to tease your hair. For this casual yet unique hairstyle, a good hair color is a big plus. So, copy this style without wasting your time.Upside-Down Braid and Messy BunUndercut Bun Hairstyle

If you woke up with bold feelings, this undercut bun is for you. To achieve the style, you need to get some razor patterns done with the help of a clipper. The appearance of the design is up to you, so you can do your own research and find something according to your preferences. Upside-down braided bun will allow you to show your daring design.

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