Bun Hairstyles with Upside-Down Braids

Undercut Bun HairstyleFormal Braided Bun

Barely-there upside-down braid can be the complimentary fragment of your updo but not the main element. In the following style, the huge intricate braid on the top of her head is the main attraction while the upside- down braid adds a visual interest to the style. But that’s not all, a beautiful headpiece comes in handy to complete the style.Formal Braided BunElegant Bow Braid

You may get creative with your braid and try something different. You just need to think out of the box to get something that is truly unique. Have a look at this bow bun and draw your inspiration from it. Actually, everyone can master the bow bun. After several attempts, you will get your favorite bow style. Feel free to watch YouTube tutorials.Elegant Bow BraidDouble Buns and Braids

Double buns look equally cool with upside-down braids. You should go on with the same principle, but instead of a single bun you need to create double buns. These festival-ready buns will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.double buns

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