Stylish Medium Layered Haircuts

Each woman wants to look prettier and well-groomed. Here the haircut and hairstyle plays a magnificent role. Men actually pay special attention to women’s hair as it tells a lot about her lifestyle, way of thinking, character, interests and taste. After reading this article, you will be inspired by the most popular medium layered haircuts and will realize that this is the best length for hair.medium layered hairstyles 2017Medium Layered Haircuts and Your Face Shape

First of all let’s decided which face shapes flatter medium layered haircuts so that you can go ahead with the right style. The good news is that it basically goes well with most face shapes and the only thing you need to consider is the structure of your haircut and the additional twists. Your new mid-length layers can be with or without bangs. It all depends on your face shape.

Subtle Blonde Pixie Hairstyles

When we say pixie cuts look boyish we don’t mean all those subtle blonde pixie hairstyles that we meet in the fashion world. A tender hair color can do miracles for your hair. Even the harshest pixie cut can become so soft and exquisite with the help of a light and lovely hair color. In case you don’t feel yourself confident enough because of the harshness of your short pixie cut here we will inspire you with the trendiest blonde pixie hairstyles to make the right choice for your haircut and to make it prettier.blonde pixie hairstyles 2017Short hairstyle is really awesome to look at when you add it a modern and a feminine touch. Whether it is a classic straight pixie or an asymmetrical haircut, you will feel yourself more seductive if you dye it in a sun-kissed shade of blonde. Even black women sometimes go for blonde hair colors when they wear short pixie cuts. The secret is hidden behind the fun that blondes are believed to have.

Trendy Bob Haircut Ideas from Runway for 2017

Some female haircuts tend to become increasingly popular and trendy. One of them is the hot bob haircut with all its variations and styles. Perhaps this is the most versatile and flexible short haircut that makes women look very fresh and sophisticated. From the classiest bob cuts to the craziest asymmetrical solutions there are delightful styles for women of all age groups, tastes and of course hair types. Here collected latest bob haircuts for 2017 are right from the runway special for those who keep up with the fashion and try to copy the best runway looks.bob hairstyles 2017Short Textured Bob Haircut

Thick and voluminous hair is usually annoying and often requires touch ups. This time you can update your thick and textured hair with a short bob haircut. It’s beautiful even if you leave your locks in their natural look. Just focus on the hair color to make it shinier and trendier. Opt for a shiny dark brown, sun-kissed blonde or a bright copper red shade and you are done with a stunning hairstyle.

Natural Afro Hairstyle Inspiration from Brooklyn’s Curlfest

One of the latest luxurious and crazy festivals called Brooklyn’s Curlfest has inspired bus with the amazing Afro-American natural hairstyle trends worn by the stunning black ladies. The third annual festival stands out with its unique nature and the versatility of looks. From the most natural-looking brunette hairstyles to the craziest rainbow hair here are the best hairdos from Brooklyn’s Curlfest.natural hairstyles 2017Natural Brunette Hairstyles

Have a look at this triumph of naturally curly-haired beauties who keep their brunette locks so pretty and soft. All you need to do with your natural locks is just updating it with a rounded bob or medium layered haircut. It will not only refresh your hair but will also make it more voluminous and attractive. Use curl enhancing hair products and sprays to liven up your curls and to add a tender touch.

Cutest Updo Hairstyles for the Hottest Summer Days

Women with thick, medium to long and luscious hair always look for new hairstyle ideas for summer. Summer is the hottest period of the year and it sometimes makes us to think of cozy and easy to do casual updo hairstyles for the beach, shopping and just for fun. In order to inspire you with cool and delightful updo hairstyle ideas for this summer we offer these cute hairdos.updo hairstyles for summer 2017Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle

The common messy ponytails have become so popular that you seek for something more creative and interesting. Combine the side parting, wet-look and sleek effects and chive a high and tight ponytail hairstyle. Compared with many styles this one is cozier and more appropriate for summer.

Dark Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017

In order to look seductive you don’t always need to lighten up your hair color or go for a dramatic change. You think blondes have more fun? Check out this collection of the latest dark hair colors for 2017 to get new ideas on how to embrace hair with a vibrant and powerful hair color. According to professional colorists the best shades of brown that are so trendy these days basically include natural-looking hues. Take examples from naturally brunette celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway who like to keep their natural hair color so fresh and fashionable.dark brown hair colors 2017Chestnut Brown Hair Color

The most natural-looking shade of brown is the timeless chestnut brown with all its shades. This is also one of the most favorite shades of many men. The majority of our men are captured by the softness of the chestnut brown hair. Victoria Beckham is a hot chestnut brown-haired beauty who likes to add some highlights on her dark hair to create a well-balanced effect for her warm complexion and brown eyes. The result is smashing.

Top 5 Vintage Curly Hairstyle Ideas

From time to time, we enjoy mixtures of modern and old-fashioned hairstyles. They come up with a variety of options and help us to discover the real secret of a beautiful hairstyle. Everyone knows how charming and glamorous vintage hairstyles are. We have put together our favorite 5 vintage curly hairstyles and we hope you enjoy and try some of these styles in the nearest future. We recommend making your choice between these hairdos for the coming parties and special events as they have the desired modern festive touch in them.vintage curly hairstyles 2017Vintage Curly Bob Hairstyle

Taking into account the fact that bob is a trendy hairstyle many stylists offer to add it the Marilyn Monroe style. This diva is an icon amongst the ages and she inspires many celebrities. If you have a blonde bob haircut then you are welcome to copy Marilyn Monroe’s curly hairstyle to complete your fabulous and sophisticated look. This hairstyle is very luxurious and eye-catching. it is able to make any bob haircut voluminous and prettier.

Hottest Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

I have always said- ponytail are best friends of women. They come for help when we don’t know what to do with our hair. Ponytails are the most convenient, easy to do and effortless hairstyles that draw attention to our cute face. They are always there for us and whenever we are confused and comfort us with their chic and cozy nature. On the other hand, women find them as casual and simple hairstyles to wear so often, but here we have collected the hottest ponytail hairstyles for those who really love this style and look for more creative ideas to beatify it.ponytail hairstyles 2017Center Part Ponytail with Bouffant

The soft touch of the 60’s style will never leave the fashion world as it is appreciated by the majority of glamorous women. Bouffant seems to be the inseparable part of vintage hairstyles and it is a great tool when you seek for an eye-catching look.

2017 Trendy Hairstyles for Women over 40

Women tend to change their hairstyles and haircuts with the age. This is normal and even welcoming, because every age demands its styles and approaches towards the trends. Women over 40 usually look for cozy and more attractive haircuts which will highlight their hotness and attractiveness. This is the age that makes women sparkle with all their charm, that’s why the haircut plays a great role. Thanks to the cool hair styling ideas today, we have a great guide to the trendy hairstyles for women over 40 for 2017. Find out your style right here and right now for your coming trendy look.2017 hairstyles for women over 40Mid-Length Brown Hair

Women over 40 often struggle against the few grey strands that appear on their base hair color. Sometimes they hardly find the shade that keeps them young and fresh looking. In this case, the warm and shiny shades of brown are great choice. They work well with medium layered haircuts and beautifully frame the face with a youthful touch once you complete the haircut with subtle bangs. Bangs are all the rage these days and therefore you can opt for your favorite bang style to look younger.

Fancy Hairstyle Ideas from Asian Fashion

Asian women are always the best wearers of straight, healthy and thick hair. They appear in the fashion world with the coolest and trendiest hairstyle ideas. We love the way they style their locks into feminine and smashing hairstyles. They are so inspiring with their flawless skin, interesting makeup secrets and easy to do yet pretty hairstyles. Some of the latest fancy Asian women hairstyles are collected below to give you new and more versatile styling solutions. Check them out and enrich your stylish ideas.Asian women hairstyles 2017Long Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

Bangs are perfect for anyone who wants to look younger or who needs to hide some facial features. Many Asian women opt for full bang styles to complete their monotone, straight and long hairstyles. The fresh light brown hair colors make this hairstyle shinier and softer. These blunt bangs draw all attention to the eyes and go well with oval face shapes.