Celebrity Looks and Hairstyles at July 4th  2016

How stars are celebrating the Independence Day interests many of us. While some are performing on the stage, many enjoy the weekend on the beach and in their own pools. However, we are mostly interested in the latest celebrity hairstyles for 2016 and leave alone the shocking facts about their life changes. Here are some of the most intriguing looks of the Hollywood stars from July 4th 2016.celebrity hairstyles 2016Demi Lovato Curly Bob Hairstyle

The black bob hairstyle worn by Demi Lovato is one of her best haircuts. It suits her so much and makes her even hotter. The cute curls framing her face are also combined with the ravishing side swept style, which enhances the charm of the trendy haircut. Last night we saw her performing at Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular with Nick Jonas. Her posh look with the edgy outfit was the best choice for her entire style for the festival.

Hairstyle Trends: Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2016/2017

Dressing their models like queens and princesses has become common for  Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana. Just a week ago we were admired by the posh, luxurious, jeweled and expensive outfits, shoes and accessories offered by Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter for 2016/2017. Today we discover the harmonious beauty of these styles matched with trendy hairstyles for 2016/2017. Below you are going to be amused by the latest innovative hair styling ideas created by Dolce & Gabbana’s skillful designers and professional hairstylists.Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2016 2017 hairstylesRetro Messy Curls Hairstyle

The first hairdo that I want to represent to you is the retro inspired messy curly hairstyle accompanied by subtle and natural-looking makeup. This hairdo reminds us of the movies from 40’s when actresses used to show off their charm with the help of big curly and teased hairstyles. Instead of the vintage hats, the designers have chosen a cute headband to make the hairstyle more beautiful.

Latest Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

When it comes to prom hairstyles you know what to do with your long hair to bring out all your prettiness. But when the thing is about casual hairstyles you get confused in the variety of styles as they are either old-fashioned or too festive. So, what to do to look both pretty and trendy. Here are the latest casual hairstyle ideas for long hair to give you lovely styling ideas for this year. They enhance the beauty of long mane and highlight its shine.long hairstyles 2017Long Loose Waves Hairstyle

Among so many wavy hairstyles loose and beach waves are considered as the most appropriate ones for everyday life. They are effortless and natural-looking hairstyles that perfectly go with long hair. The best thing about loose waves is that they are easy to achieve and to feminine hairdos for women of all age groups.

Pretty Hair Highlights for Any Hair Color

Whether you are a posh blonde-haired beauty, a mysterious brunette or a unique redhead there are stunning hair highlighting ideas for any hair color. If you are looking for a stylish way to spice up your hair color maintaining its natural shine and beauty, then check out this guide to the latest and prettiest hair highlights. By adding some color without the any kind of harsh bleaching, you will get shinier and more fascinating style on your hair.hair highlights 2017Purple Highlights for Blonde Hair

If you think that purple is only for dark hair colors then look at this awesome hairstyle. It’s a great combination of blonde hair with light purple highlights. You can even use pastel shades to get a subtle and purplish effect on your blonde hair. These hues mostly compliment platinum blonde hair colors and tend to balance the overall look of your hairstyle.

Short Messy Hairstyle Trends 2017

Messy pixie and bob hairstyles are super attractive and chic. They are much requested these days and often see them as trendy hairstyles not only on runways but also on streets. The loveliest short messy hairstyles for 2017 represented below will capture you and give easier styling ideas for short locks. So, if you have gone for a super short bob or pixie haircut then keep your eyes on some of these options to try this year.short messy hairstyles 2016 2017Short Side Swept Messy Pixie Cut

Side swept hairstyles generally look softer and subtler then others when it comes to short pixie cuts. You can easily wear it with some messiness and make your hair look more voluminous and interesting. In case you have thin hair you can go for layers and the style them into this lovely side swept effect.

Latest Celebrity Street Looks and Hairstyles

Paparazzi is always there for us to take the latest looks of the famous celebrities whose lifestyle and everyday step interest the public. These women never step out the house without pulling off those particular outfits, accessories and hairstyles which soon become the biggest trends. They sparkle with their ethereal beauty even on the streets. Here collected celebrity looks and their latest hairstyles are going to prove that there are stunning ladies who always care about their glamorous look no matter what and where. Copy some of their styles to stand out in the crowd.hairstyles 2017 celebrity looksRachel Zoe Beach Waves Hairstyle

Look at this picture of Rachel Zoe. Here she is in her most feminine look with that subtle long boho inspired light dress, comfy bag and shoes and of course beach waves hairstyle which ideally goes with her entire look and blonde hair color. If you make a quick search in on the fashion guru today, you’ll notice that Rachel Zoe’s signature casual look is on the runways as the ultimate trend for 2017. She has created a harmonious boho chic along with that loose beachy wavy hairstyle.

Hottest Hairstyle Ideas for Bob Haircuts

Once upon a time posh and inspiring beauty Cleopatra brought the bob haircut to the world of fashion and made it a big trend. Being inspired by her secrets of beauty and glamorous hairstyles women today wear various bob cuts to display their powerful femininity and attractiveness. If you think that bob is a simple and dull haircut always providing you with the same look, then check out this collection of the best hairstyles for bob haircuts to try in 2016/2017.bob hairstyles 2017Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle  

The biggest hair trend for the moment is the slicked back style. It is stolen from men’s fashion but since women know how to make male styles feminine, they have created a soft effect for their bob cuts. These slicked back bob hairstyles allow to bring out the face shape along with killer facial features as well as give you the chance to look classier and more confident.  

2017 Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Black women with dark hair tend to go for hair colors which lighten up their complexions. But some just choose shades which warm up or enhance their natural dark shade. Whatever you may prefer there are trendy hair colors for 2017 to use as a stylish black lady. If you have decided to play with your current hair color, you are welcome to the posh world of the latest hair color trends. Here you will be offered different brunette, blonde and red shades as well as edgy hues to try this year.hair colors for black women 2017Nude Hair Color

I would like to start with the newest hair color trend the name of which is so interesting. So, it’s the lovely nude hair color. You know what it is? It’s the shade of hair closer to your skin tone that makes you look like nude. According to your skin tone, you can choose any hair color that works well also with your eyes. Actually, these shades are in blondish effects but in case you have darker skin tone, you can opt for darker shades closer to your complexion. Take an example from Ciara who lately dyes her hair in soft dark blonde shades, which look nice with her skin tone.

Elegant Chignon Hairstyles

Who could ever imagine that chignon hairstyle has so many variations and creative styles? The latest red carpet events are mainly accompanied by this elegant and romantic hairstyle idea adopted by the majority of Hollywood stars. There are loose, wavy, tight, braided, sleek and soft chignon hairstyles worn at the seductive nape part. Some of the best elegant chignon hairstyles are represented below. Have a look at them and try the styles that compliment your hair length and type. chignon hairstyles 2017Loose Wavy Chignon Hairstyle

Women with slightly loose waves or inner romantic nature love loose updo hairstyles. One of them is the following glamorous and elegant chignon. It’s an effortless hairdo is you have naturally wavy hair, in case you have curls you can use special styling products and tools.

Coolest Hairstyle Ideas for Business Women

There is something very sophisticated and powerful in business styles and looks. Women with special dress codes and office-appropriate styles stand out in the crowd with their neat and classic look. When we match our outfits with shoes and the rest of accessories, we should also think of suitable haircuts and hairstyles. Special for my fancy business ladies here are the coolest business hairstyle ideas to use this year.business hairstyles for women 2017Loose Waves Hairstyle

If before among the top lists of office appropriate hairstyles there were mainly straight hairstyles, today we also see waves. Though they are in soft and loose effects, but they tend to break down any harshness in your serious look and add a kind of soft and feminine touch.