Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2016/2017

Sometimes men’s haircuts can be technically much evolved and challenging than women’s hairstyles and haircuts. It generally depends on the shortness of the cuts and the edgy styles. However today we see such hair trends for men that are far from being too short or neat. Here you can unlock men’s best hairstyle trends for 2016/2017 to switch up your look. While women are busy with stealing men’s short cuts calling them pixies, men just keep up with the fashion and enhance their masculinity with the help of modern solutions.mens hairstyles 2017Men’s Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut is the biggest style for men who like contrasting haircuts. Generally, the top part of these hairstyles is longer than the sides. Side parts can even be shaved. The majority of posh men prefer medium undercuts but there are rockabilly fans that go for longer undercut haircuts keeping hair quite long on the top and too short on sides. Those with curly hair have more chances to stand out from the crowd. You can style undercuts into spiky, brush up and other high-volume trendy hairstyles.

Summer Hair Colors

Sun-kissed blondes, bright coppers and warm brunettes are all the most requested hair colors for summer. But which shades are in thing these days? The many shades of ecaille, swirl. Espresso, cinnamon, champagne and chocolate brown remind us of a French café menu but actually, they are the biggest hair color trend for this summer. Let’s be admired by some of them!hair colors for summer 2016 2017Ecaille Hair Color

Since today we discover natural-looking shades for summer leaving alone the popular rainbow and vibrant hues, the first shade to consider is ecaille. This French hair trend is now on the top lists of hair colors. It is a mixture of light and dark shades, which compliment different complexions and eye hues. Each can find the most suitable ecaille hair color for her skin tone. In order to display its beauty you should often go for wavy and curly hairstyles.

Effortless Hairstyle Ideas for the Beach

The so wanted beach season is already open and all we want is a fancy style to display. The ultimate summer hair style should be pretty yet effortless. So, you need some hairstyles inspiration for the beach in order to pull off modern summer hairdos which are both beautiful and easy to do. Girls who care of their hairstyles at the beach tend to grab much attention and seem to be more fashionable. It’s important to have your own style even on the beach.beach hairstyles 2017Messy High Bun Hairstyle

Who says you need to have super long hair to style a high bun hairdo? Sometimes messy styles allows us to play with our hair length. We can get stunning high messy buns on medium and even layered hair if we use the right styling techniques and tools. Take a handful of bobby pins or an elastic and gathering all your hair on the top create a cute and sassy messy bun to feel comfortable on the beach. This hairdo also helps you to bring out your facial features.

Best Hairstyle Ideas for Ombre Hair

Ombre hair colors have been in style for a while now and we are no more amused with the creative and more attractive ombre combinations. But perhaps we know little about the best hairstyles for ombre hair. Any ombre hair color is more than festive, astounding and sophisticated with the right chosen hairstyles. This is a cool style that demands special attention when it comes to hairdos. If you have ombre hair then you must know at least five most popular and beautiful hairstyles for you hair shades. Highlight the charm of your trendy hair color with the help of the following hairdos.hairstyles for ombre hair 2017Braided Hairstyles for Ombre Hair

The first thing that comes to your mind is the braided style for ombre hair. Because the mixture of shades is best reflected on plaits. Even the simplest side braid can daintily display the beauty of your dark roots and lighter tips. The gradual change of colors looks amazing and very harmonious. It goes without saying that crown braids tend to create a totally different image of the ombre style. French pigtail braids, in their turn, provide you with a seductive and eye-catching look.

Slicked Back Hairstyles from Hollywood Stars

Everything tends to change quickly and the same refers to trends, styles and hairdos. In spite of the fact that many hairstyles are boyish women like to wear some edgy and eye-catching male hairstyles to draw much attention. One of them is the slicked back hairstyle trend worn both on short and long haircuts. It’s one of the most frequently seen hairstyles among posh celebrities and models. While some fail the style, many have already discovered its secret and often wear cool slicked back hairdos for red carpet events and fashion weeks. Here are some of the best examples for you to consider for the coming party.slicked back hairstyles 2017Miley Cyrus Slicked Back Pixie Haircut

One of the favorite hairstyle ideas of Miley Cyrus is the pixie haircut. It allows her to display her smashing face shape with that interesting facial expression. She often combines this haircut with the comfortable slicked back style, which keeps all hair out of the face. Since it’s a boyish and rude hairstyle for a girl she combines it with soft and feminine hair colors and opts for subtle makeups. As a result, she gets an elegant and classy short hairstyle.

Coolest Hairstyle Ideas for Grown Out Bangs

It’s sometimes a difficult task to keep up with bangs as they are unruly or shaggy. However there are rimes when all you need is a cozy hairstyle which can keep all hair out of the face or something that can beautify your grown out bangs. If you feel as if you are in this awkward in-between state of growing out bangs and don’t want to cut them off again, then check out my collection of the coolest hairstyles for grown out bangs.bangs hairstyles 2017Classic Center-Parted Long Bangs

Women with long bangs don’t feel convenient with much hair on their face. There is a great classic style for such bang styles especially when they are straight, slightly wavy or thick. You can opt for lovely center-parted style and combine it with a variety of hairdos including half-updos, updos, and straight and loose downdo hairstyles and so on.

Vintage Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

The tendency of wearing retro outfits, accessories, haircuts and hairstyles is increasing day by day. The posh and luxurious fashion houses represent their styles with retro touches and cool solutions. We see models not only in unique vintage suits, dresses, shoes and accessories but also in vintage inspired wavy hairstyles and matching makeups. Though this style is really inspiring but today we are here to discuss the most popular retro wavy hairstyles for various lengths of hair and for different occasions.finger waves hairstyles 2017First of all, let’s understand what is the difference between modern wavy and retro wavy hairstyles. Well, modern wavy hairstyles are quite versatile and they are either casual and simple or festive and voluminous. Retro waves also called finger or Marcel waves are soft, subtle, sleek and high-shine hairstyles. They are created with the help of a special hair styling technique and requires patience.

Brown Hair Colors and Hairstyles

When we speak about hair colors we like to math them with the most flattering haircuts and hairstyles. This is quite important especially when you think of a huge change. Brown has many delightful shades that go well with particular hairstyles. This time we will not only offer stunning brown hair colors but also brown hairstyle ideas. Thus, in case you look for a matching hair color for your haircut or just need a new cut for your brown hair, you are welcome in the mysterious world of brunette hair.brown hair color and hairstyles 2016 2017Reddish Brown Pixie Hairstyle

Whether you are big fun of short or long hair reddish brown is always there for you. If you have gone for a pixie haircut and feel as if it is boyish and harsh, then you surely need a fresh and feminine hair color. Reddish brown is a great choice for you. It can soften your haircut, make it unique and draw attention. You will stand out in the crowd with your brand new pixie hairstyle. Luckily reddish brown goes well with many skin tones and since it has both dark and light hues, you can opt for the flattering shade for you complexion.

2016/2017 Trendy Pixie Haircuts  

The short and cozy pixie haircuts considered as rude and boyish styles are now the most popular hairstyles among stylish women. We see it everywhere from the catwalk to the red carpet and from the red carpet to the streets. That is to say, both celebrities and common fancy ladies rock trendy pixie haircuts for 2016/2017. If you haven’t discovered the unique nature of this style, then be inspired by the following examples.pixie hairstyles 2016 2017As we all know short hair tends to bring out your killer facial features and beautiful face shape. According to stylists, it makes you look younger and more attractive. It’s a fresh haircut and helps you to get rid of damaged tips and allows your hair breathe a little bit. Besides, there are cool hairstyles that you can match with your short haircut. It’s a myth that these options are few. Actually hairstylists provide us with creative and modern ideas using which we get astounding hairstyles even on short cuts.  

Best Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Do you still wear the same haircut you used to wear in your 20’s? it’s the high time to think of something new that flatters your face shape and goes well with your age. Something, that can highlight your femininity and will make you look younger. Below you can find hairstyle ideas for women over 40 among which you can pick the one that meets your preferences and interests. Go for the hairstyle that makes you look fresher. If you are unsure about the most suitable haircut for your face shape, you can consult with your stylist.hairstyles for women over 40 2017Long Bob Hairstyle

Sometimes women over 40 seek for hairstyles, which are fuss-free. In this case on of the best haircuts is the long bob also called lob. It’s a mid-length haircut with many possible styling solutions. You can do lots of things with this haircut. The first most common style is the straight and simple. Other hairstyles are wavy and curly. The best thing about this haircut is that its length allows you to go for various updo hairstyles without much effort.