How to Get Pixie Pompadour without Heating Tools

Modern hairstyles are all about using different kinds of heating tools but the trending pixie pompadours don’t require utilizing hair tools. You don’t know how to get one of those pompadours for your pixie haircut? Well, this video shows off how you can achieve it within minutes.

The trick to get it is to form the “poof” running your hands through your locks and then simply spraying it into place. The teasing and volmizing powder will keep your lift all day. Just watch this video and everything will seem easier than you thought.
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Stylish Curly Pixie: Tutorial

Watch this video to know how to turn you straight pixie into curly one. So, keep your curling iron ready as you will need it to curly your locks. It is important to use a right size of barrel curling iron to achieve the best effect. Actually you can use 3/4 but if you have ultra short strands consider 1/2.

Don’t forget about volumizing powder as well. Choose a good headband to accessorize your curly pixie and have a princess-like look. Note that this headdress can be pulled off both formally and casually.
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How to Get Messy Pixie Hairstyle

You have no idea how to style your short pixie haircut? Watch this video as it shows off how you can create a messy pixie with the help of hair products and hair tools. First of all you will need to wash your hair and then dry it with the help of diffuser and hair iron.

Your fingers may come in handy when you want to give messiness to your look. Finish the style with a qualified hairspray. Actually it is an easy style to get, just follow the tutorial to figure it out.
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How to Get Bold Undercut Pixie

This video is about undercut pixies that are totally in trend. There are really numerous ways to pull off a pixie haircut, but undercut pixies are only for brave heart ladies with bold nature. These crops have never been out of the fashion so it is your ultimate chance to wear them and make a bold statement.

If you don’t know how to get your undercut pixie, just watch this video as it shows how the stylist creates a gorgeous undercut pixie.

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Best Accessories for Your Pixie

You have a pixie haircut and you don’t know how to accessorize it? This video is definitely for you as it shows off the most incredible ways to embellish your pixie. Consider different kinds of hats and headbands that are made in the most vibrant colors and textiles. These stunning patterns guarantee a lovely headdress within a minute. However they look exceptionally gorgeous with bangs.

You will see that you don’t have to put extra effort to look modern and trendy. Let’s hope this video will inspire you to embrace your pixie.
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