Blake Lively Best Hairstyle Moments

Blake Lively’s prominent blonde hair color is something that many girls would love to have. Due to a good dye job, any hairstyle looks good on her. We decided to do our own research and select the best hairstyle moments of Blake Lively. In fact she might be just a good source of inspiration for many of us. If you haven’t chosen your hairstyle yet, have a look at these red-carpet approved hairstyles and find the style that speaks with you. Who knows, maybe you will love to change your current hair color as well.High Braided Ponytail

This headdress is pretty elegant and it is also very easy to create. The messy ponytail doesn’t look casual at all due to the maroon dress and sophisticated accessories. If you are truly in love with ponytails, try this one. It allows you to use the natural texture of your hair to your own benefit. Make sure to create it right otherwise your high pony may turn into disaster.High Braided PonytailMessy Fishtail Braid

Blake Lively always makes a statement with her sense of fashion. She knows how to impress her fans. This mermaid look features fishtail braid that looks exceptionally stunning on this blonde bombshell. The headdress can be worn both casually and formally- even brides can sport this boho chic. However, make sure to style the fishtail in a messy pattern.  

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