Cute Hairstyles You Can Pull off Everytime

After that you just need to twist your hair in side chignon and secure with bobby pins. You may leave some tendrils at the front to flatter your face.low chignonWrapped Ponytail

Ponytails are always among trendiest hairstyles. They are gone viral on Instagram as well. Here is a different way of rocking a regular ponytail. If you have your hair flat ironed, then it is an easy style for you to achieve. Sweep your hair to the side, secure it with a simple elastic and then by taking some sections out of your pony wrap over it to create a wrapped ponytail-like look.Wrapped PonytailMilkmaid Braid

Second day hair is a great canvas for various hairstyles. To get this milkmaid braid, divide your hair into four sections and then braid your front sections, twist the back pieces and wrap them around your head by securing with bobby pins. The messier, the better! It is an excellent casual hairstyle that can be rocked formally too.Milkmaid Braid

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