Easy and Elegant Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

Ladies, let’s be honest, sometimes it is really hard to do daily duties and it’s been a few many days that you haven’t washed your hair. Whether you believe or not, but unwashed hair has its advantage. Hairstyles such as messy buns, textured ponytails and lace braids look fabulous on dirty hair.  If you are getting ready for a date-night or just planning to see your friends, check these easy and elegant hairstyles for dirty hair. Draw your inspiration from the pictures below.Embellished Messy Bun 

This well-executed messy bun is on point. We offer you to throw in two dainty headbands to upgrade the look. It is super easy style that requires pulling the strands high in a messy bun and add the headbands. The texture and messy touch of the strands will conceal your unwashed hair. It is the best idea for curly-haired ladies. Half up Sleek Ponytail 

A half up half down hairstyle is forever in style and a sleek ponytail makes the ‘do look young and fresh. The key to this design is its sleekness. Make your hair as sleek and smooth as possible and by taking some section of your hair tie in a simple half ponytail. It is a fabulous hairstyle for classic and casual styles. You should definitely give a try to this amazing headdress. Messy Low Pony 

The texture and unwashed hair holds the curls better. So, if you haven’t done shampoo for several days, then a messy ponytail is just the right thing for you.

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