Easy and Elegant Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

The messy low pony is one of those effortless styles that everyone can master. The volume of the crown part is achieved by teasing the locks. But the style wouldn’t look so impressive without leaving some tendrils over the face.  Ballerina Bun 

You can never go wrong with a ballerina bun. It is not only a great option for camouflaging your dirty locks, but also a modern hairdo for busy women. You will definitely love this idea, as it doesn’t require styling skills. Just two minutes for pulling your hair high and tying in a simple bun like this. There is nothing new about a regular ballerina bun. Bouffant Bun 

The texture of unwashed hair is just great for creating a bouffant bun like this. It is a classy hairdo that can be worn formally as well as casually. The elegance of this hairdo will enhance any women’s appearance. Just keep your bobby pins ready for a fab headdress like this.  

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