Easy To Do Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas from Celebrities

From now on, you are going to say goodbye to that common habit of pulling your hair up into a ponytail as a carefree and throwaway hairdo. We are here to offer you easy to ponytail hairstyle ideas with modern twists and tricks. Check out these gorgeous looks and enjoy your time of styling the simple yet so beautiful ponytail hairstyle. We, women know how to liven up our old-fashioned and dull hairstyles with our incredible creativity.ponytail hairstyles 2017Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

Have you ever heard about the princess jasmine? Of course! It’s one of your favorite Disney princesses with that long, thick and luscious mane styled into a long bubble ponytail hairstyle. Now we copy it as a girlish and attractive hairstyle for our long hair to display its charm.Olivia Wilde Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle 2017How to Style: In order to create a perfect bubble ponytail let’s take an example from our gorgeous Olivia Wilde. So, she has opted for a common classic high ponytail hairstyle leaving her straight and cute bangs out of the updo. It is secured with a clear hair elastic. Then it is styled into those lovely bubble shaped effects section by section. You can tease your hair beforehand for extra-volume and clear effect of bubble.

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