Hairstyles and Girly Bows to Wear

When it comes to the braid, it can be a simple three-strand or sophisticated fishtail braid, the choice is up to you, even though every braided hairstyle looks good with a minimalistic black ribbon.Loose Ponytail

Loose styles are so in mainstream. They look carefree and effortless. So, we recommend you letting your hair relax in a loose pony tied with minimalist black ribbon. it Is an elegant way of wearing your locks. The ponytail is going to look great on medium hair as well. However, make your ponytail wavy for a striking design like the one you see below.Loose PonytailBraided Bun and Ribbon

Well, have you ever tried to get creative with the formal braided bun by adding a sophisticated black ribbon? This style requires weaving your hair in a fishtail braid and by coiling it tie in a bun. Finish the look with a black ribbon that covers the elastic and adds a touch of femininity and sophistication to the style. Take cure from a striking headdress like this. Note that you should leave some tendrils out of the bun to frame your face.Braided Bun and RibbonDouble Buns and Black Ribbon

It is said that double buns are red-carpet appropriate if you accessorize them with ribbons. This festival hairdo turned to be the best option for every occasion. You can wear them casually as well as formally. The following double buns are quite neat and groomed. To make your buns polished, make sure to use hair products.Double Buns and Black Ribbon

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