Ponytail Hairstyle Inspiration

Though ponytail is a simple and casual hairstyle but today it is much evolved and popular. We see celebrities in ponytail hairstyles even during special events. These are either tight or high or low and soft pony hairdos, which allows us to bring out our killer facial features. This time I am not going to represent to you the common ponytail hairstyles. I will offer more creative and interesting ideas instead. You can use them for special occasions and just for fun.ponytail hairstyles 2017Retro Ponytail Hairstyle

Blonde hair beautiful especially when it’s combined with a retro inspired hairstyle. Today vintage hairstyles are very popular and they are considered as stunning prom hairdos. Here you see a cute retro ponytail with a teased top part which is sometimes called bouffant and with face framing thin and wavy strands which will highlight your femininity and elegance.  retro ponytailSectioned Ponytail Hairstyle

If you want to try something more eye-catching and interesting then go ahead with a Jasmine princess inspiration. It’s the sectioned ponytail hairstyle which can be either braided or just teased into bubble-shaped sections. This easy-to-do ponytail hairstyle will take you back to your childhood. Actually the longer your hair the more attractive it looks.sectioned ponyhtail hairstyle 2017Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyle

Wrapped ponytails are new and trendy hairstyles inspired by the latest fashion shows. They are ideal for long and straight hair. If you have such you may go for a wrapped ponytail for the upcoming party. Before achieving the pony you need to have super straight, sleek and shiny hair. It is best reflected on thick locks.wrapped ponytail hairstyleTwisted Ponytail Hairstyle

Another innovation offered by professional hairstylists is the twisted ponytail. It can be both a sleek and a messy hairstyle according to your preferences. If you wear it on casual days you can keep some messiness, but if it’s for official meeting, office looks or just for elegant parties then you can style a sleek and shinier twisted ponytail hairstyle. This comfy hairstyle is also quite interesting.twisted ponytail hairstyle 2017Rope Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

We love to add a kind of charm to our simple hairstyles with the help of braids. Rope braid is a tight and convenient hairstyle for women who seek for a neat and sleek ponytail hairstyle. All you need is just achieving a high, tight and sleek ponytail and then styling the tail into a rope braid. Use hair cream and sprays to bring hair to a possible soft and sleek state.rope braid ponytail

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