Simple and Sexy Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyles are incredible when you want something to keep your hair out of your face. Ponytail is an ultra easy hairdo that requires pulling the strands back and using a simple hair band or a small portion of the strands to tie the hair and create a pony tail-like design. Ponytail is one of those hairstyles that have always been around and they have never showed any sign of disappearing. It is a fashionable style to wear everywhere! With the passage of time ponytails have been evolved and got even more sophisticated appearance. Modern ponytails are being combined with various elements, such as braids twits and etc. The gallery bellow will give you a basic idea on how you can rock this simple hairdo.Simple and Sexy Ponytail HairstylesHigh Balayaged Ponytail

Ponytail can help you show off your fantastic balayage ombre design. These locks have a breathtaking tone and by pulling them to the center of the head and using several locks to tie them over the ponytail will add some detail and character to the tone. However this pony has been styled in a messy pattern to add a carefree yet sexy touch to the style.High Balayaged PonytailCurly Pull Back

What can be easier rather than creating a ponytail like this? The curly or wavy strands make the styling super effortless. So, simply pull your locks back and leave some strands to tie over the base of your pony. Each pattern of this pony will take your look to a top notch. The best thing about this pony is that it can be worn both casually and formally.Curly Pull BackSide Braided Ponytail

This super stylish and trendy updo requires plaiting a Dutch braid that starts on the side and ends on the other side where you should finish it into a simple side ponytail. If you know how to get a Dutch braid then the rest part is super easy to re-create. You should also give a messy appearance to your strands to get a lovely and feminine look.Side Braided PonytailBraided Half Ponytail

This is a spiffy and gorgeous hairdo for all ladies who have long strands. Well, to re-create a style like this you will need to weave three separate braids and loose one starting at the front and falling in the middle of the head. It is an easy style you just need to figure it out and this sophisticated half ponytail will impress your friends.Braided Half PonytailTwisted Ponytail

Use your creativity to take your ponytail to a top notch. It is not a complicated style as it may seem, you just need to twist your smooth and straight strands and then form a simple ponytail at the back. To keep your twists in the place opt for bobby pins. However the chocolate brown shade also adds a beauty to the overall appearance.Twisted Ponytail

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