Sweater Weather Hairstyle Ideas

The weather gets colder and colder, but that doesn’t prevent fashionistas from looking gorgeous. With the help of stylists, our fashion gurus know how to warm up their capricious ego. Here I have selected some sweater weather hairstyle ideas that will definitely change your winter hair styling routine. Well, sweater weather hairstyles are not boring at all. If it is cold, it doesn’t mean you need to hide all the beauty under a knitted hat. These hairdos involve voluminous curls, brushed up waves and etc. Check out the pictures represented below for some more inspiration.Sweater Weather Hairstyle IdeasBraided Headband and Extra Long Strands

This is the most romantic ponytail hairstyle for all winter months and outfits. You can either braid your strands to achieve a headband like this, or you can buy a ready one to recreate this particular style. However a voluminous ponytail like this will always have a better look with braided patterns. Feel free to match it with various casual outfits.Braided Headband and Extra Long StrandsHalf up Bun       

Lovely buns work well for any occasion. This one perfectly demonstrates the length of your strands. Apart from being trendy and stylish, this headdress is also very comfortable to pull off with winter outfit. It is not necessary to overdo it since this bun looks even better when it is messy and loose. With a headdress like this you can walk down the red carpet or go to gym.Half up Bun       Vintage Headband with Updo

The choice of hair accessory is pretty important since it can radically change your look. Vintage hair accessories are highly fashionable this season so you can confidently wear them. Any headdress looks super cute with such hair accessories and here is the best example. This model pulled her hair up and secure into a bun, then she used a vintage headband that takes the overall look to a top notch.Vintage Headband with UpdoHigh Curly Ponytail

Here is an excellent option for gorgeous Afro-American women who are blessed with kinky texture. If you have got natural curls and you don’t know how to tame them then opt for a modern ponytail hairstyle. However a high voluminous pony is the best solution for that sweater weather mood. It is not hard to replicate this style since you just need to pull your hair up and secure with a headband.High Curly PonytailDouble Buns

The best thing about these sweater weather hairstyles is that they are super easy to replicate. You don’t need to put extra effort to achieve them. These charming and a bit childish buns divided with an interesting part will surely enhance your overall look. If you have natural curly strands, the buns will look even thicker and bigger.Double Buns

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