Lovely Hair Bow Hairstyle Ideas

Even simple tricks and tips are enough to turn our dull hairstyles into real masterpieces. When the first hair bow hairstyles entered the incredible world of hair styling everyone knew they are going to be much evolved and beautified. Now our simple semi-updo and bun hairstyles have become luxurious thanks to the lovely bows created just with the help of hair. Below you will not only be admired by the latest hair bow hairstyles but will also learn the right way of styling a hair bow hairstyles 2017How to Style: First of all let’s start with hair accessories. What you need? So, take a hair band, comb, bobby pins both large and small and a hair spray. Now you have everything to style a hair bow bun hairstyle. Create a high ponytail hairstyle without pulling out the final round to form a coil. Then divide hair rolls into two equal parts. Swipe side part hair to form these two distinct parts. In order to create the shape of a bow you need to turn the arc opposite sides. Pass your hand through the roll and use bobby pins to connect the bathroom again. Pull the ends of the hair through the loop between the parts of the two next to it and then let down. Fix the fly away strands with a comb and hair spray.bow bun hairstyle for 2017

bow bun hairstyle idea 2017

bow bun hairstyle 2017

Other Hair Bow Hairstyles

The above represented hairstyle is the common bow bun, but there are other styles too. Here you see some of my favorite examples. They are cute, girlish and very attractive. Actually hair bows are beat achieved on straight and thick hair. You can create subtle half-updo hairstyles with bows and finish with loose waves running through your shoulders. It will be a great festive hairdo. Another solution is to style small and thin bows on the top and side part of the head. Diagonal Bow Braid 2017This one is rather fascinating and eye-catching due to the neat and perfect shapes of the bows. It’s called diagonal bow braid. Your stylist can provide you with other updo hairstyle with bows on the top part. Just ask for the trendiest styles or take one of these pictures with you to the salon. Use your own imagination and creativity to get awesome hairdos. Use these styles as prom or party hairstyles and match them with subtle makeups, cute accessories and elegant dresses.

cute bow hairstyle 2017

bow updo hairstyle 2017

bow hairstyle idea 2017

bow half updo hairstyle 2017

bow hairstyle with braid 2017

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