Boldest Short Haircuts for Women

Short haircut is like a tattoo, you think that you will regret after getting it but actually you never do. Sometimes women feel sad about short haircuts because they don’t know how to get rid of monotone look. Well, first of all you need to think of a creative haircut. Don’t fear to go bold with a short cut, try the most unbelievable shades and you will never get bored. You can also draw attention with your creative hair color. Both bob and pixie hairstyles paired up with an undercut seem too bold yet sexy. Check them out right now and change your monotone look!Boldest Short Haircuts for WomenSide Swept Undercut: Ladies are you ready to go bold with your haircut? You can do it with a crazy undercut. Who said that undercut is only men’s thing? Women rock it hundred times better. When you get the unisex undercut hair feel free to sweep it aside and it will bring out the beauty of your eye color and face shape. If you want to keep it spiked up then use a generous amount of hair gels. 

spiked up undercut hair

spiked up undercut hair

Side Bang Paired with Bob Hairstyle: the most prominent part here is not the bob but the side swept bang. The magical part of it is a little wavy or curly style. If you have thick hair then it will last long. In this case also you need to use a generous amount of hair gels to get  the copy of this fringe but I think thin hair owners shouldn’t risk for a single bang, it just not worth it. Keep your hair healthy and every do will look great on it!

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