Catwalk-Inspired Hairstyle Trends for 2018

It reminds us of Rapunzel from Disney cartoons. If you also want to re-create this impressive hairstyle, make sure to give your locks a good hair color and some extension for extra length.Braided HairstylesGelled Hair Looks

Oh my! Those gelled hair looks still drive us crazy and that’s an undeniable fact. Recently we have been convinced in how easily we can create those wet looking hairstyles. Whether you decide to go for an updo or down-do you can apply a right amount of hair gels and achieve a wet-looking hairstyle. It is easier than you may think.Gelled Hair Looks70’s Hairstyles

While creating a new style, let’s not forget of old ones. They may serve as a great background for numerous hairstyles. The following styles showcased hair that is inspired by the age of the hippy – and we are totally in. It features wet-looking waves, spiced up with a lovely headband. It is the greatest way to bring the old grunge back.70’s Hairstyles

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