Hottest Pixie Haircuts for Women

When women first started to cut their hair too short, they were not admitted by the society so cordial. The nature of this haircut is masculine and has harsh elements in it that tend to make feminine features fade away. However today we see millions of women in short pixie haircuts and we are not surprised by this tendency.  Stylist do their best to add feminine and soft elements even to the shortest pixie cuts by the means of hair colors, highlights and bangs. Looking at the below represented examples of short pixie cuts you will realize how daintily it brings out female facial features.pixie haircuts 2016 2017Short Pixie Haircut for Black Women

Actually, pixie haircuts are very attractive and women in short pixies grab attention. Black beauties who are tired of their frizzy, thick and unruly hair often go for short pixie haircuts to refresh their locks. This is a great way to display the beautiful face shape and facial features.pixie haircut for black womenLayered Pixie Haircut with Highlights

If you have thin hair and still want to go for a full-looking short haircut, then our stylist should choose a layered haircut for you. Look at this layered pixie haircut with highlights. Doesn’t it look thick, voluminous and so pretty? It surely does and the main secret is that you have added layers and highlights on which create a visual illusion of a full and thick-looking hair.

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