Margiela’s Whimsical Hairstyles for Music Festivals

If you are truly obsessed with music festivals, then you probably know about these events around every corner of the world. Margiela’s Fall 2017 show held in Paris was all about cool hairstyles and outfits for music festivals. Both makeup and hairstyle ideas were meant to create whimsical beauty looks for the models. The locks have been accentuated with yarns of features and different accessories. But keep in your mind that these looks are not appropriate for your night out. Have a look at these whimsical hairstyle ideas by Margiela’s hairstylist and pick your next headdress for upcoming music festivals.Margiela’s Whimsical Hairstyles for Music FestivalsShort Hairstyle with Baby Bangs

Can be a look edgier and bolder rather than this one? It is a good headdress to express your individual style. This model is wearing a short hairstyle with baby bangs. It is a modern take on a bowl haircut. But the most important detail that takes the whole look to a top notch is colored bangs. Two-tone hair color requires giving the strands a raven black shade while dyeing the tips of the fringe in violet.Short Hairstyle with Baby BangsMessy Side Parted Hairstyle

If you are seeking for something massy, crazy and unusual, consider this idea. It is all about drawing a simple side part and leaving some thin strands on the forehead. Note that the front part is sleek while the locks at the back have been slightly messed up for a disheveled look. You can use your fingers to create a messy effect. When it comes to accessories, choose some feathers as they give you festive vibes.

Messy Side Parted HairstyleColorful Braids

It is a typical festive hairstyle that doesn’t require any special skills to recreate. This look is all about placing some colorful braids around your face. The colorful braids or ribbons add a vibrant touch to the style. The rest of locks have been kept massy for that careless effect. This look works for everyone regardless of natural texture and hair length.Colorful BraidsSide Swept Bangs

What about this particular style? Isn’t it fierce enough? Well, you can be sure that a hairstyle like this will set you apart from the others. The edgy touch of this headdress comes from the locks that have different lengths. The layers will provide a look like this. Don’t forget about the bangs that have been swept to the sides to show off the centre part. Various colorful hair accessories come in handy to complete the look.Side Swept BangsSleek Hairstyle

Margiela’s hairstylists impress us with their creativity! Here is another idea to consider. A hairstyle like this will definitely bring out your fun side. This style looks best on ladies with thin or fine hair type. To re-create it you will need to tuck your strands behind the ears and use some hair gels to give a sleek touch to the strands at the front.Sleek Hairstyle

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