Modern Short Haircuts and Your Face Shape

When you choose a new haircut the first thing you do is considering your face shape and features. Every structure ask for particular haircuts and styles and this the main reason why you should consult with a hairstylist before cutting your hair off. This guide to the modern short haircuts and your face shape will help you to find the most flattering haircut according to your face shape and preferences. We put together a great list of trendy hairstyles with matching face shapes for you to discover the secret of real beauty.short haircuts and face shapes 2017Short Haircut for Round Face

If you have a round face shape like Ginnifer Goodwin then you can copy her short haircuts. She knows how to style her hair right to bring out her beautiful face features and to break down the roundness pf her face shape.Ginnifer Goodwin short haircut 2017How to Get: Celebrity hairstylist Garren recommends to go short all the way if you have decided to wear a short haircut for your round face.  Unlike a jaw-hugging bob, short pixie haircuts make the face visually longer and downplay the roundness. Spiky and brush up hairstyle on the top help to add height and therefore lengthen your face shape drawing much attention to your shiny eyes. You can style this haircut into a variety of high-volume and trendy hairstyles like spikes, faux hawks, waves and pompadours.

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