Rihanna’s Short Hairstyles to Rock in 2017

Rihanna is a popular singer that is known all over the world. Apart from being a singer she is also a trendsetter whose looks are being copied. She changes her styles drastically within short period of time and we truly love that. Following Rihanna we will be informed about the latest trends. Today I have selected Rihanna’s short hairstyles for 2017. Her incredible face features allow her to go for various short and long cuts. Check out these inspiring pictures.Rihannas Short Hairstyles to Rock in 2017Dramatic Mohawk Style

This dramatic look has been achieved due to contrasting shades and textures. Well, the first thing that grabs our attention about Rihanna’s style is the color combination. Black and golden blonde strands provide with a bit bold yet ultra feminine look, although the closely cut temples and feathers on top are also everything. It is an iconic style that is worth to pull off.Dramatic Mohawk StyleWavy Short Hairstyle

With a short hairstyle like this Rihanna looks more glamorous. It is a romantic style that entails messy milk chocolate waves elegantly swept back. The color brings out the beauty of her brown eyes and gives an extra pop to the strands. Actually it is a natural looking appearance so you can easily replicate it. If you are blessed with a wavy texture then you don’t have to worry about styling.Wavy Short HairstyleBlunt Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts will never ever leave hair trend, so you can always consider them as stylish and trendy haircuts. Rihanna offers a blunt bob cut that is a bit unexpected option beside her edgy and crazy looks. This bob has been perfectly ironed and polished to make it a good match for her dark skin complexion. Note that black hair color only enhances the elegance of this bob.Blunt Bob HaircutWavy Pixie Haircut

A simple short haircut like this one with wavy bangs will never make you look like a boy. The notion that ultra short haircuts are only for boys is already in past. Feel free to rock the latest short styles to show off your wild yet feminine nature. The most important thing to consider is your face shapes. Consult to your stylist to know whether this cut will work with your features or not.Wavy Pixie HaircutMessy Textured Top

This cut with volume on the crown and tapered sides and back is absolutely in the rebellious nature of Rihanna. Apart from the cut the strands also have a sweet chocolate hue with incredible cherry streaks. Actually it is an effortless style so you can re-create it by running your strands throughout your hair. Copy it if you want to stand out in the crowd!Messy Textured Top