Awesome Black Updo Hairstyle Ideas

Many women think that when they wear updo hairstyles they look dull and boring. The fact is that updo hairstyles ideally bring out face features and keep your style cozy and elegant. You just need to find out the flattering hairstyles for your face shape and it doesn’t matter you wear a downdo or updo hairstyle, you are going to be delightful. It actually doesn’t matter your hair is messy, straight, wavy or frizzy. There are amazing updo hairstyles for black hair to rock in 2017. Check them out and find your inspiration for your strong black mane.updo hairstyles for black hair 2017Tight Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

The so called Jambo ponytail that has become a big trend due to many models and celebrities like Beyoncé is now a requested updo hairstyle among black women. The main reason why they opt for this style is that it keeps all hair out of the face and highlights the beauty of long hair.tight braided ponytail 2017How to Style: If you have messy or frizzy hair then you’ll spend much time on styling than those with straight locks. First rub wet hair creams, gels or spray strong hair sprays to your damp hair. Then comb gently to make hair as sleek and smooth as possible. Brush all upwards and tie a tight ponytail. Apply hair pomade on the sides and back part to keep fly aways in place. After this, you can style the braid on your long pony tail. Finish it with a tight elastic.

Roll and Tuck Updo Hairstyle

The next elegant updo hairstyle for black hair is the following roll and tuck. It’s a simple and very pretty hairstyle for wedding days and for other special occasions. It has the stunning touch of the Greek goddess hair style and tends to provide you with a festive look.roll and tuck updo hairstyle 2017How to Style: All you need for a roll and tuck updo hairstyle is a tight headband with an elastic on. You should wear it on your hair and roll the back part locks into it with the tucking technique until all hair is gathered into an updo hairstyle. Then you can make the top part a bit loose for more volume and attractiveness.

Top Knot Hairstyle for Black Hair

Want to display all the shine and beauty of your black hair? What about this super feminine and seductive top knot hairstyle? Rihanna never fails when it comes to updo hairstyles. She always chooses the best options for her face shape and hair color. It goes without saying that the long side swept bangs serve just as completion of the entire gorgeous look. They frame the face on one side making it softer and subtler.high bun hairstyle for black hair 2017How to Style: Go ahead with a common tight and high bun hairdo using hair creams and bobby pins. Use hair spray to keep control over any kind of messiness and use a flat iron to straighten the bangs. Pull them to one side and fix with light spray.

Princess Side Bun for Black Hair

Can you take a second to admire how stunning and festive this princess hairdo looks? It’s an amazing updo hairstyle for brides and just for elegant ladies. The sleek, shiny and tight low side bun is a cute hairdo to wear for various special occasions. It looks nicer with cute hair accessories.princess side bun for black hair 2017How to Style: Rub hair cream all over your damp hair and brush to one side. Twist your locks and create a low side bun hairstyle at your nape. Secure with bobby pins and elastics if necessary. Then beautify with exquisite and tender accessories that can bring out the shine of your dark hair.

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