Braided Updos for Different Hair Types

Braided updos have always been trendy. Day by day we can see new complicated ways of creating a braided updo hairstyle. Some types of braids may be a bit more time consuming but they guarantee a stunning look whether you are out for a daily stroll or at the office. Relaxed braided updos are the hottest trends of the season but the tight ones are no less popular. There are braided updos for all hair types and if you go on reading you will see some braided updo hairstyles for different hair types. Every fashionista has already rocked these looks, now it is your turn.Braided Updos for Different Hair TypesLow Braided Updo

This hairstyle is somewhere in between a macramé braid and a classic mermaid braid. It looks pretty stylish and classic. Well, if you have some braiding skills you will create the look within ten minutes. The type of braid is fishtail and it makes a fascinating option for ladies with thicker and curlier hair type. If you have locks like these, don’t think twice before rocking this look.Low Braided UpdoRivers French Braid Updo

It is a look that has been spotted on numerous catwalk shows. Reverse braids make a great option when paired with updos. It is very easy to recreate the look as you need to keep your head upside down and start braiding from the nape of your neck. Braid toward the top of the head and then secure the ends in a bun-like design. The braid can be French or whatever you want.

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