Celebrities Rock Hottest Hairstyle Ideas of 2017

pinned back hairstyleLow Bun

If you are tired of traditional bun hairstyles, Zoe Kravitz’s low bun will interest you. This looped bun will keep your locks out of you face. It is more than a simple chignon. The noticeable scalp and mini braids create an edgy look. Try to choose an elastic that has the same shade as your hair, so that you will not see any harsh color lines. This winning bun is for everyone who wants to make a bold statement.low bunTextured Ponytail

Don’t even think of hiding your natural texture. There are so many hairstyles that look just incredible on natural texture. And this ponytail is irresistible. So, all you need to do is to sleek down your roots to mid-part and then tie off your hair into a low basic ponytail. The tail is curled and teased for an exaggerated volume. Indeed, the shiny sleek front makes it super wearable for any occasion.textured ponytailSimple Twist and Pin

This style is for short-haired women. Change up your entire bob with a simple twist. You don’t need to do anything special to achieve this chic yet sexy hair look. Twist and pin back your lob on just one side., tucking it behind your ear. Easy and simple! It is an excellent summer hairstyle that will make your lob look stylish while showing off your stylish earrings or sunglasses.Simple Twist and PinFaux Hawk Updo

Sometimes faux hawks are being associated with boldness, but looking at this lovely updo, you can never think of it as being bold and edgy. With straight hair and a generous amount of shine, this look is party ready. Although with tight curls still provide with an amazing hairdo. Indeed, this updo requires lots of bobby pins to secure. You will need to finish the look with a strong hold hair spray.Faux Hawk Updo

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