Delightful Prom Updos

Thus, this high volume on the top of the head keeps everything in balance. Indeed, one needs to finish the style with tendrils in the front, to create a striking frame for the face. However, to achieve this chignon, call your hairstylist. polished low chignonBun Three-Side Braids

If you don’t have time and money to spend on extravagant hairdos, then this is exactly the style you are going to love. It features a simple high bun and three-side braids that add a touch of sophistication to the style. If you have minimal braiding skills, you may achieve the headdress with less effort. However, the key to this look is elegance paired with carelessness. Curly Prom Updo 

We didn’t forget about our curly-haired ladies as well. No need to straighten your curls, for creating a prom updo. Use your natural texture for your own benefit. There are so many updos that look great on curly hair. So, add some mousse throughout your curls, and then pin your hair in a low bun. You can use accessories as well. curly updo

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