Elegant Chignon Hairstyles

Who could ever imagine that chignon hairstyle has so many variations and creative styles? The latest red carpet events are mainly accompanied by this elegant and romantic hairstyle idea adopted by the majority of Hollywood stars. There are loose, wavy, tight, braided, sleek and soft chignon hairstyles worn at the seductive nape part. Some of the best elegant chignon hairstyles are represented below. Have a look at them and try the styles that compliment your hair length and type. chignon hairstyles 2017Loose Wavy Chignon Hairstyle

Women with slightly loose waves or inner romantic nature love loose updo hairstyles. One of them is the following glamorous and elegant chignon. It’s an effortless hairdo is you have naturally wavy hair, in case you have curls you can use special styling products and tools.loose wavy chignon 2017How to Style: Start with curls and waves if you have straight hair. Apply hair cream on your locks and use a curling iron for loose waves. Then run your fingers through the curls and separate section by section. Tie a low chignon hairdo at your neck or on the side part, secure with bobby pins.

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